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Free Spirit Community Code of Conduct

We, the Founding Members, General Membership and All Participants, in an effort to create an improved relationship and environment of understanding with the world at large, hereby acknowledge, adopt and subscribe to the following Code of Conduct.

Section one: "Harm None"

1) Realizing that all life is sacred and divine, we have adopted the "Harm None" philosophy and as an organization choose to refrain from doing physical damage or taking life wantonly. Our belief forbids us from harming our fellow beings except in defense of ourselves or others. We will always strive for a peaceable resolution.

2) Understanding that every individual has the inalienable right to their opinion, we will not infringe upon that right with a singular exception - no member of this organization shall make any public statement or subscription to a political philosophy while representing Free Spirit Community. This does not preclude any member from acting as an individual at any other time.

3) As both a Spiritually Conscious Community and Interfaith organization, our members are asked to refrain from making any statements that can be considered inflammatory, derogatory or insulting to or about any other religious or spiritual path. This includes public statements and postings on social media venues. Our ultimate goal is to improve the existing environment between any and all faiths and such acts would be detrimental to this resolve.

Section two: Ethics

1) Every person has the right to free will and choice and Free Spirit Community cannot and will not infringe on that right, however, when attending a public venue and acting in our capacity as members; it is incumbent on each member to present themselves in the most positive light possible. Courtesy, respect and loving kindness is paramount.

2) If, while attending an event, the host asks for your assistance, it is appreciated that our members be willing to help as long as this assistance does not infringe on the members or our organization's ethical beliefs.

3) Each member should strive to leave a good impression of themselves and our community (if representing themselves as members) when attending a public event of any kind.

4) Each member shall be respectful of other’s personal property and will abide by local, State and Federal laws at all times.

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