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Russ Speaking at CSL

We support you in paying your dues monthly as it is easier for many of our members and allows us to have a steady cash flow for increased sustainability of our Community.  Membership payments by automatic checking account withdrawals are preferred as this saves the expense of credit card fees and effectively increases your donation to Free Spirit Community by up to 3%.

*In order to pay monthly by checking account withdrawal or credit card, please contact us at 1-435-627-3168.

Membership at Free Spirit Community 2019-2020 (voluntary and no longer required)

We trust you will join us!

When you make Free Spirit Community your spiritual home, you become immersed in a progressive community grounded in the power and love of the  inner wisdom teachings with those who also desire to experience connection with their own Spirit and in community.  We do this through our deeply experiential, transformative and celebratory monthly gatherings and additional activities.  

In addition to our gatherings, we are dedicated to providing our members with meaningful and memorable experiences in their most important life-cycle events. Members are invited to celebrate births, commitment ceremonies, celebrations of life and other major events with the blessing of our Spiritual Leaders and in participation with the community.

Other member benefits of joining FSC include attendance at all services, (or other annual event), participation in our committees/councils,  and free admission to our FSC group events.

Free Spirit Community relies upon the generosity of our members to support the inspirational gatherings and events we offer and to operate and sustain our community.  Full financial transparency is available to all members upon request.

Membership dues are the glue that bind us together and ensure that we will be here year after year, and here for you when you need us – a community  that will hold you during your life celebrations and that will  support you as you move through loss in your life.

We have listed our dues levels for this year below.  As we grow, we will adjust the amounts for our members to help us sustain our growing community.  The dues are suggested minimums.  If you have the ability to support us at a higher level or are willing to sponsor a member or family in need,  as a community we thank you.

Our 2018 annual minimum membership dues, which may be payable monthly* are:

• one adult household: $20/ month ($240 annually)

• two adult household: $40/month ($480 annually)

If the member dues represent a financial hardship for you, please let us know.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 435-627-3168 or fill out the form on our contact page letting us know of your circumstances.

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